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One day, early in my veterinary education, one of our professors, uttered a phrase that profoundly affected me. He said something like: “We’re not educating you in veterinary medicine so you can go and pet the puppies.”

Perhaps this was mentioned to instill a degree of professional distance from patience in conjunction with his/her view of what a doctor should be. For me, this would not be possible. I need personal involvement with my patients to be what I can consider a good doctor.

Each doctor, in any discipline, must decide how close to their patients they allow themselves to be on a daily basis. We must constantly make decisions and recommendations based on what’s best for the patient and the family.

Sometimes we are seeking to treat a disease, seeking a cure. At other times, we cannot effect a cure, so we then must try to get the best quality of life possible for those in our care. Our clients depend on our input in this matter, and it is a sacred trust.

I feel that working at Animal Medical Center of Forney affords me the environment to practice truly compassionate care. All of the hospital staff share this compassionate approach to care.


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