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At Animal Medical Center of Forney, we love your pets too! We realize that you can’t always take your pet with you when you leave home, and we strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment they can recognize as their “home away from home". We treat every pet as though it was our very own!

Our Animal Care Attendants specialize in providing the kind of individual care that helps your pet to adapt to and enjoy their temporary environment. We understand that most cats and dogs thrive on their daily routine and so we make every effort to imitate their routine during their stay at AMC.

We closely monitor your pet's eating, drinking and attitude daily Should we observe any changes that may indicate that your pet is in need of medical attention, our medical staff will assess and provide what ever additional care may be needed. You can enjoy your time away from home, confident with the knowledge that your pet is receiving the best of care during their stay.

Dogs are exercised three times daily. Families that board together can play together in our large exercise area. Dogs with special needs are exercised more often as needed.

All dogs staying for more than one week will receive a complimentary bath so they are fresh and clean and ready to collect lots of hugs and kisses on your return. Discounted baths are available for shorter stays. We also offer additional playtime.

Cats are boarded in their own private area, where they can relax away from all the activity. Their condos are located in quiet surroundings, allowing them to enjoy a “cat nap”, a long scratch behind the ear, and all of the attention given them by our Animal Care Attendants.

For the safety of all of our guests, we require that all pet's are current on vaccines and parasite tests.

Making Reservations

Reservations can be made by calling or stopping by our office anytime during regular office hours. Our office number is 972-441-2154. One of our Client Service Representatives will be glad to assist you in making arrangements for your pet's stay.

We are proud to have a very popular and busy kennel facility. To be sure of obtaining space during weekends and holidays remember to call well in advance.

Availability is on a “first come, first serve” basis. We fill up fast, so please call us as soon as you can!


Should your plans change and you need to cancel, please do this promptly to allow us to fill that space.


When it comes to the safety and well being of our guests and employees, Animal Medical Center practices thorough medical and safety policies.


All pets must be current on vaccinations. We require proof of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian prior to check-in for the following:


  • Rabies - yearly or every 3rd year depending on previous vaccine
  • Distemper and Parvo virus – yearly or every 3rd year depending on previous vaccine
  • Bordetella - yearly
  • Fecal parasite check or deworming - every 6 months


  • Rabies -yearly
  • FVRCP - Feline distemper combo – yearly
  • FELV – Leukemia & FIV (outdoor cats)
  • Fecal parasite check or deworming– every 6 month

In order to keep our facilities FLEA-FREE, all boarding pets will receive a complimentary "capstar" on arrival.

If your pet is not current on vaccines, we will be happy to administer vaccines while they are boarding. However, it should be noted that vaccines are most effective when administered 7 – 10 days prior to exposure. If possible, it is best to have your pet vaccinated prior to their stay.

Puppies must have completed all vaccines and boosters before they will be eligible for boarding.

At Animal Medical Center of Forney, we strive to ensure the well being of all of our guests. All pets must be free of any potentially contagious illness before boarding. Pets that have been coughing, sneezing, vomiting and/or have had diarrhea should be examined by a doctor and will be eligible for boarding only if fully recovered and cleared for their stay by one of our doctors.

Recently adopted or new pets must have been examined by a doctor and cleared of any potentially contagious illness before they will be eligible for boarding or day-boarding.

To be sure that we can accommodate your pet, all health, behavior, or special needs of potential boarders should be reported to our staff when reservations are made.

On occasion, a situation may arise where we must contact our clients concerning their pet. Clients must leave an emergency contact name and number with us prior to leaving their pet in our care.

What to Bring

There are a number of items you may be considering to bring along with your pet to keep them comfortable and occupied. All belongings should be clearly marked with indelible ink with your pet’s name. Here are a few tips to help you decide what to pack.

Vaccine Records

We will not be able to check your pet in until we have a copy of your pet’s most current vaccine records on file. If we don’t have a current record of your pet’s vaccines, make sure you bring them with you. If you have requested to have your records faxed to us, please call and confirm that we have received them before checking in.


If your pet is currently taking medication, please be sure to bring an adequate supply along. Make sure you bring the medication in its original container along with specific instructions on its administration. Please advise us if the dosing has changed or if the medication will need to be refilled while your pet is staying with us. We will be happy to refill a medication, with a doctor’s approval, if the medication was originally supplied by our pharmacy. If the medication needs to be refilled by another pharmacy, you will want to have it refilled prior to check-in.


Food is included in your pet's rate for boarding. We feed Purina EN, a dry food that is highly palatable and easily digested. This is a prescription food that is specifically designed to be gentle to your pet's system. Though we are happy to provide food for your pet, you may choose to bring your pet’s own food along for consistency. Even a small amount of stress can affect the gastrointestinal system of your pet and may result in diarrhea. This is not uncommon for “first time” or “anxious” boarders. If your pet is on a special diet of any type, you will want to bring your own food. We ask that you bring only the amount of food your pet is expected to eat during their stay. Your container should be clearly marked with your pet’s name, your name, and the name of the food. We will ask for specific feeding instructions when you check your pet in for their stay. Please make sure you notify us of any known food allergies.

Treats and Toys

Do your pets look forward to treat and play time like ours do? You might want to include some in their bag. Please make sure that their name is clearly marked on all items to help prevent their loss. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Do they have a special time of day that they get their treat, or do they have to earn their treat with a trick? Let us know. We want to be as consistent as possible.

Please, no rawhide chews. It’s best that you give these at home when you can closely monitor your pet.

Does your pet have a favorite toy you want to bring along? Some toys can be harmful if they can be shredded, broken into pieces, or swallowed. Please make sure you choose toys that are safe for your pet


We are happy to provide clean towels and blankets daily for bedding. In case of accidents in the cage, these are easiest to keep clean. While you may bring your pet’s bed there are few tips you should keep in mind.

We want to ensure that each pet has ample room for food, water and mobility in their kennel. We can not accept beds that are too large for the individual kennel reserved for your pet.

Your pet’s bed may not be washable. We strive to keep your pet’s kennel as clean as possible. We use disinfectants daily to sanitize and prevent contamination. We have limited ability to wash stuffed or padded beds. It’s much more practical to use washable blankets and towels which we provide for every pet.

For more specific advice concerning your pet’s bedding, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help.


Boarding charges start the evening you check your pet in. We charge for each night’s stay. Dogs from the same family may share a kennel, however each additional pet is charged an additional fee. The charges are determined by the size and weight of your pet. Your pet will stay in the largest kennel available. Larger kennel runs are typically reserved for our larger dogs, however, when room is available, we will move smaller dogs into larger runs, at no extra charge.

Reserved kennel charges are as follows:

Cat  All weights $23 / night
Dog  0-50 lbs.   $23 / night
Dog  50 lbs +   $27 / night


Questions? Give us a call! We’re always happy to assist in any way we can!

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